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So my aim at the moment is to get a Literary Agent or publisher interested in producing both coffee table books of the Inspirational Art by Nature photographs and also to create a quest book for children (and like-minded adults) by creating the photos into Illustrations, which gives them more definition. The idea is to take them on a journey through the WEIRD WOOD, introducing them to the creatures, the monsters and the pathways. These Illustrations work well

particularly the scary ones Ė and Iíve found that a story is developing from categorising the images Ė creatures, places, signs etc. Iíve already produced model photobooks which give me the flexibility to play with the images and text easily (and are also for sale).

The photograph accompanying this Iíve called ďTibetan KingĒ because Iím astonished how the bark of a tree can give such a strong impression of the old Tibetan kings. Who says that we arenít all somehow connected?!

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