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One of the other motivations for taking these photographs is to take a walk with Raven, the lab/collie, and sometimes Inki, the cat. Raven has learned to be patient with me when I continually stop to take photographs and stays fairly close - which is a blessing as he is a bit of a wild one. But walking with Inki is a mixed blessing. She enjoys our company and seems reassured by Raven’s presence, although this doesn’t stop her reverting to her larger, wilder ancestors and trying to trip him up by his hind legs which he totally ignores! With me she’s content just to trip me up any way she can by keeping so close I can’t see her! Then there’s the mewing – well screaming really when she thinks she’s going to be left behind. Actually, now I think about it, she’s much worse on the recall than Raven. She can be a hundred yards away and I can call and call her and all she does is call back! Not helpful. Then she’s always ready to turn back long before we are which cuts back photographing time. But she does pose well up a tree!

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